From a strategy based in the sustainability and circular economy, we developed the Metalmatrix project. Get to know more about the actions developed!

Reuse of rainwater through cisterns

Reusing rainwater is an environmentally responsible attitude. Preserving water resources, in addition to representing awareness of the planet and future generations, saving on treated water consumption reduces expenses, amounts that can be invested in other actions.

Use of non-mineral synthetic oils that are sustainable

The synthetic oils fulfill all the functions of the mineral one, including more competence, that is, a better cost-benefit and less environmental impact. This is the way for a more circular economy, based on chemical ingredients that are good for our production and for the environment. 

Laptops and screens modernization, reducing the electric energy consumption

All the Metalmatrix electronic equipment was changed recently for modern items. The screens, laptops and printers utilized by our professionals have less electric energy consumption.

Industrial park modernization, reducing the electric energy consumption

Our factory is modern and lean, following global trends. With current machinery and lower energy consumption. Modernity, technology, but with the future of the planet in mind.

Printing of information directly on automated packaging machines, reducing label consumption

Our product labels are automatically printed on automated packaging machines. This action considerably reduces the use of labels, which are highly polluting to the environment.

Installation of solar panels, a clean and renewable energy source

Clean and renewable, solar energy is an investment in sustainability. As it comes from the sun, its impact on the environment is minimal and as more companies invest in technology, the presence of solar energy in the Brazilian energy matrix increases.