Our professionals are essential for our success. We invest in the growth and development of each team member, providing an environment favorable to professional and personal progress.

Why choose Metalmatrix?

We are not just manufacturing clamps, we are molding the industry's future by innovation, therefore, we believe that investing in people strategically is also investing in productivity and in achieving the organization's goals.

If you wish to be part of a passionate team, dedicated and which values their professionals, Metalmatrix is the right place for you. Join us and embark on an exciting journey of professional and personal realization.

Nossos diferenciais

Professional Growth Opportunities

In Metalmatrix, you have the chance of growing professionally. The company values the development of the employees and offers opportunities to advance their careers, whether through training, internal promotions or new responsibilities.

Innovative Work Environment

Metalmatrix is known for its culture of innovation. Here, you will work in an environment which promotes creativity and encourages the search for innovative solutions. This is a great opportunity to get involved in exciting and challenging  projects. 

Collaborative and Diverse Team

The diversity is valued in Metalmatrix. Our team is formed by talented professionals of different origins and perspectives. This not only enriches the work environment, but also takes the most creative and effective solutions. 

Benefits and Competitive Remuneration

In Metalmatrix, we recognize the value of our employees and we offer competitive benefits, including an appealing remuneration, comprehensive health insurance, pension plan, wellness programs, and more. We value your well-being.


Get to know more about the history of who makes Metalmatrix happen.
Bruna Tregansin

Bruna Tregansin

Administrative Coordinator | 9 years of Metalmatrix
My trajectory started 9 years ago as an IT intern at Macrosul, which was part of the GRX Mundi group, where I stayed for 8 months. After this, an opportunity arose at Metalmatrix, which also was part of the group at the time, as Information Technology Assistant and, after 7 months, promoted to IT Analyst. In 2017, there was a split from the GRX group and Metalmatrix started to follow its future solo. At this time, I started to the position of Administrative Analyst and, since February 2018, I have worked as Administrative Coordinator.

I chose Metalmatrix because the company was always well-regarded, in my view I could develop a lot professionally, and that is what actually happened. It is an innovative company, which invests in technology, always searching to have the market vision and understand the clients. I like the challenges, day-by-day rush and a happy and challenging work environment.

Cassiano Drumn

Cassiano Drumn

Sales and Marketing Coordinator | 4 years of Metalmatrix
Metalmatrix is an extremely organized company, well managed and with great opportunities of development, personal and professional.

I started my activities in the internal commercial team, at the customer and representatives from different regions services, where I could know a good portion of the particularities of regions and customers. In 2022, I was challenged to the position of External Consultor, where I could develop myself even more as a professional and prospect business in various regions of Brazil. In 2023, I was promoted as Sales and Marketing Coordinator. The opportunities appear when we are prepared, I always searched to qualify and be up to date with market news and trends.

The speed of decisions, the environment which provides personal and professional development, as well the work methodology and thought always ahead that Metalmatrix has, motivates me to always stay focused and constantly learning.

Ricardo Origotti de Lima

Ricardo Origotti de Lima

Commercial Analyst | 2 years of Metalmatrix
I started in the company back in 2021, as a logistics assistant, where I stayed for 8 months. After this, I had an opportunity in the commercial sector, where I still work, assisting with the demands of the team of representatives who are spread across the country. I chose Metalmatrix because I was searching for an environment that would provide me with professional and personal growth.

I am grateful for my professional evolution in this period and for the opportunities I had here. A company in constant growth, which is generating and providing great opportunities for those looking to grow or stabilize professionally. I like the work environment, the company structure, and, principally, my coworkers, together we made Metalmatrix a family.