Worm Drive 14mm

New Flex Pro Clamp

Worm Drive
Carbon steel /AISI 304/ S400* Stainless steel
Carbon steel  and S400 maximum tightening torque: 6Nm
AISI 304 stainless steel maximum tightening torque: 7Nm
Carbon steel  and S400 recommended application torque: 4,8Nm
AISI 304 stainless steel recommended application torque: 5,6Nm
Tape width: 14mm
Tape thickness: 0,7mm
Can be applied with screwdriver, Philips and Cannon.

The New Flex Pro line is a practical solution for countless applications which needs medium tightening torque and pressure ranges. The edges of the tape are embossed, which prevents them from marking the hose, aiming for its protection and integrity. The profile of the local application can be variable, due to its hollow geometry that makes it flexible.

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